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Pure. Neat. Clean
Pure. Neat. Clean
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Intermark Cleaning is a professional house cleaning service for expats in Moscow. We are dedicated to serving their needs by promoting a clean & healthy living environment and work space.
Our dedication to quality services, together with professional care, ensures that your home impresses your family and guests from the minute they walk through your door.
With our competitive rates, we're saving you time and money!
About us
How Do We Clean
Living rooms
Hallway and corridor

One-time cleaning. Cleaning services for special occasions.
Regular cleaning. Cleaning services on a regular basis.
Our Services

When providing move-in and move-out services, our primary goal is to provide a hassle-free experience for clients.

Covid-19 disinfection service minimizing infection spread possibility.
Flexible cleaning plans
Our cleaning service rates
are competitive and affordable.
English speaking assistance
English-speaking assistants will support
you during cleaning service.
Verified employees
We are excited to bring you professional
cleaning specialists that are reliable
and friendly.
Green cleaning solutions
We care about your home environment
and offers eco-friendly, biodegradable
cleaning products.
Why Intermark?
Nathan Hunt
Chairman of the Board at CERBA Moscow
The Intermark cleaning team was professional and thorough. Most surprising for me, they did the job for essentially the same price that I would have paid to a local contractor.
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