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One-time cleaning. Cleaning services for special occasions.
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When providing move-in and move-out services, our primary goal is to provide a hassle-free experience for clients.

Covid-19 disinfection service minimizing infection spread possibility.
How Do We Clean
Living rooms
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Cleaning F.A.Q.
1. What are the requirements for personnel? How do you select staff?
Our cleaners have been working with us for a long time. Since we are a relocation company, the first time we have new cleaners on site they are checked to ensure customers are provided with the best service.
2. How many people will clean
More often, 1 cleaner is allocated. If additional services for cleaning and washing windows are required, 2 or more cleaners will be assigned.
3. Do the cleaners speak English?
Most of the cleaners are Russian-speaking. But, if necessary, we can arrange an English speaking cleaner.
4. How much does cleaning cost and how is it different?
For each client a different amount is calculated depending on the parameters of the apartment and the required tasks.

However, there are several points that we are able to calculate right away if we are faced with the task of general cleaning (for example, before the departure / arrival of tenants):

- general cleaning includes all cabinets and equipment from the inside and outside (during normal cleaning, only the outside is wiped from dust, except for the hood and the hob - they are included in the regular cleaning),

- washing windows: - in cold weather and with precipitation it is done only from the inside, in summer from both sides (inside and out)
5. Is cleaning time limited?
Cleaning time is not limited. An larger apartment will be cleaned longer. The average time to complete the work is from 4-5 hours, but the time will vary depending on the parameters of the apartment and cleaning tasks.
6. Does the cleaner bring equipment with him?
Our cleaners have basic cleaning supplies. If any additional services are required, then this information is conveyed to the cleaners and they take the required resources with them.

However, due to the fact that cleaners work in several apartments a day, our cleaners do not carry a vacuum cleaner with them. If you do not have one in your apartment, we will be happy to lease it to you on the day of cleaning for an additional fee.
7. What time intervals are available for cleaning? Are all the days of the week avaliable and how early can cleaners start?
It is better to specify in advance which time slots are convenient for you (2-3 days in advance, and on holidays - 4-5 days in advance) so that we have time to pick up the cleaners. Cleaning is available all days of the week and at any time.

The recommended starting time for cleaning is in the morning from 09:00, or from 10:00 or from 11:00.
8. How is payment made?
You can choose which type of payment is more convenient for you: in cash (money is handed to our courier), invoicing or card transfer.

You can also choose when it is more convenient for you to pay: before or after cleaning.
Nathan Hunt
Chairman of the Board at CERBA Moscow
The Intermark cleaning team was professional and thorough. Most surprising for me, they did the job for essentially the same price that I would have paid to a local contractor.
Marina Semenova
Managing Partner Intermark Relocation
As the managing partner of Intermark I try to test all our services myself, and to be honest I am a very difficult customer who checks every little detail. So when I had to put my apartment on the sales market after renting it for several years I decided it needs a major clean up to make it look and feel fresh during viewings. I was really happy with how the cleaner handled all details without any instruction from my side - taking care of appliances, minor stains on the walls, all sanitary equipment. So now I confidently recommend Intermark cleaning service to everyone who wants to safe time and get great reliable service at reasonable price.
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